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Welcome Back!!!

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Wow...the longest two weeks EVER! But we're seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, and we're so excited to welcome you back!!! We have missed you!

First, and this just may be the most important part of this note... We recognize that without YOU, our friends and loyal customers, we would not even be here contemplating re-opening. We can't thank you enough for your strong and amazing support over the last few months. You have bought machines, and fabric and machines and gift cards and machines and notions and sew...we are still here because of you. We sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are overwhelmed.

That being said, we have been making plans and preparations to make our re-opening as safe and as comfortable for everyone as we can. We'll list some of the guidelines we think would work well but basically, it all comes down to respecting each other. Hard to believe, but most of us, along with many of our customers, have passed the "spring chicken" stage a while ago, and along with that comes knowledge, wisdom and a grey hair or two. Although we all continue to look fabulous, many of us share at least a few health concerns. Sew, in light of the current Covid cloud we currently live under, we are asking you to consider others around you when visiting our shop. We have tried to think of ways that will make social distancing and other safety measures easy for all of us, but we're counting on you to help us out in this regard.

In the end, you are not just our customers but our friends, too, and we're hoping we can all work together to make our world a safe and happy place again.

Here's what we think...

We know...too many words and too many rules but... We care about our customers as well as our staff, and there are many people you might not realize have underlying medical conditions. So we all need to be understanding and we need to be careful. We hope you understand.

In the meantime...we get to see you all again!!! Together again!!!

Your Friends at Byrne

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