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Are You A Byrne's Bee???

First Tuesdays, 7pm and First Wednesdays, 10am

Are you a Byrne’s Bee??? If not, why not? Each month from October through June, we host a presentation by some of the best, (and most entertaining!) teachers in some facet of sewing or quilting. Our goal is to have you learn more and love your hobby as much as we do. And our shared interests have certainly fostered a lot of friendships over the years. For now...all of our programs will be virtual, but, hopefully, soon we can all be together again in person! Because education is important to us, in addition to the usual 20% discount on purchases at Byrne's Creative Bees programs, we'll be offering a 50% discount on any Byrne’s Bees workshop! (Look for the eligible workshops marked "Half price for Byrne's Bees!" once we get back to “normal!”)

So, for the $90 "club fee", you'll get 9 months of fun and informative programs (Don't forget - we offer a daytime and an evening presentation each month), 20% off anything you pur- chase at a Bee program and 50% off on any Byrne’s Bees workshop! For those of you who were members last year, we’ll be crediting you for the 3 months we missed in the spring. Sew... why aren't you a Byrne's Bee???

Check out the programs for beginning of our 2020-21 season:

Holiday Party!!!

October 6 & 7

$25 - or FREE if you're a Bee!

This is a Byrne Holiday tradition! We’ll have to do it a bit differently, so you’ll have to provide your own cookies and holiday “cheer,” but we’ll pro- vide the ideas and inspiration! Join us for a early start to the season...with plenty of time to still be creative! We miss you!!!

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Timna Tarr

November 3 & 4

Timna Tarr is known for making fun, colorful, award-winning quilts. Join her for a trunk show of her quilting journey. She talks about her design and color choices, as well as the personal stories behind the quilts.

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Barbara Kline

December 1 & 2

$25 - or FREE if you're a Bee!

Barbara Kline of Delightful Piecing- Barbara comes from a close-knit Mennonite family of quilt- ers and started creating quilts in her teens and has over 37 years of experience in quilting and teach- ing classes. Her whole family has shared a passion and reverence for the tradition of quilt making through the generations. Join Barbara as she presents a showcase of quilts from her journey through quilting.

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