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Service and Repairs

We do service and repairs on most makes and models of domestic sewing machines.

At the present time, because of a tremendous surge in folks using their machines (and we love that!) we have been deluged with service requests. In order to better serve you, we have stopped accepting walk-in service requests, and are presently working off of a first come, first served list of service requests. If you would like your machine serviced, give us a call at 215-230-9411 to be added to our list. When our tech is ready to service your machine, we'll give you a call to drop it off and we'll call you as soon as it's complete.

This will allow you to keep your machine at home and potentially use it as long as possible, and keep the number of machines we have in the shop at any given time to a manageable level. We think this will provide a better experience all around.

Again...give us a call (215-230-9411) if you require service, and we'll make the arrangements.

General Service for electronic machines - $129.99

General Service for mechanical machines - $99.99